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Universal Strategies For Business Success In Fitness w/ Todd Nief

Todd Nief is co-owner of South Loop S&C and head coach of Legion S&C. In today's podcast, we discuss some of the challenges with running a brick and mortar business vs an online business. What are some of the common threads between the two? Similarly, what areas require a bit of a different approach? Todd shares some successful tactics that have lead to breakthroughs in his career as a coach and business owner.

Show Notes:

  • (8:50) - Impostor Syndrome

  • (10:26) - Unexpected Obstacles

  • (12:45) - Approaching Difficulties

  • (18:47) - Communicating Success

  • (22:00) - Origins of Legion

  • (26:10) - Successful Tactics

  • (31:40) - Brick and Mortar vs. Online

  • (34:57) - Measuring Success

  • (46:44) - Music Influence

  • (50:32) - Rapid Fire

How you can connect with Todd:

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