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Using Fitness & Nutrition To Hack Brain Function w/ Ben Greenfield

Where do I even begin? When I think of Ben Greenfield, I think DEPTH. He has competed in bodybuilding, Ironman triathlons for almost a decade, and raced professionally as an obstacle course racer. He actually signed a contract with the Spartan Race Pro Racing Team for 2017. His podcast is consistently in the top 5-10 in the Health category on iTunes. In 2008, he was voted the Best Personal Trainer by the NSCA. Ben is undoubtedly recognized as one of the top 100 most influential people in health & fitness. He stays on top of the latest cutting edge research when it comes to weight loss, muscle gain, nutrition, anti-aging, brain function, multi-sport performance, and beyond. My palms were sweaty for this episode because I wanted to stay sharp and keep up with Ben as closely as I could. 

Show Notes

  • (6:56) - Deciding to go the fitness route vs modern medicine

  • (10:05) - Using novelty and variety of sport so you don’t get stuck in a rut of comfort

  • (13:37) - Eating for brain function

  • (18:50) - Liquid nutrition 

  • (23:00) - Using genetic data, DNA analysis, and blood testing to see how dietary and fitness changes are affecting you physiologically

  • (30:45) - The importance of reading and writing to stay ahead of the curve

  • (33:30) - Make art everyday

Resources we may have mentioned:

  • https://www.dnafit.com

  • http://geneticgenie.org

  • https://promethease.com

  • https://www.23andme.com

  • https://www.wellnessfx.com

  • https://www.gdx.net

  • Lab Tests

  • Ben’s breakdown of the Hulk Load Shake

  • http://beyondtrainingbook.com

  • Steal Like An Artist

  • Show Your Work

How you can connect with Ben:

  • http://bengreenfieldfitness.com

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