• Misbah Haque

What to watch on Netflix when you're stressed

Okay I found the perfect show for when you’re stressed out or anxious. ​ I watch movies, shows, or listen to music all the time to de-stress.

It's like telling a bunch of clowns to exit out of your ear.

"Please move in a straight line. Don't hit my eardrum on the way out." ​ But the issue I encountered is sometimes my brain can’t take all these inputs.

​ It happens to me once every few weeks.

​ This is when I switch over to more instrumental type music.

​ But you know how appreciative I am of different art forms.

​ So I found this show called Moving Art on Netflix.

​ It has the most beautiful scenery you can imagine from all over the world. And the music is calm and synced up with the natural stuff you’re seeing. Nerd out on this study to learn how nature scenes actually help the recovery of autonomic function.

​ The best part is that there’s no talking. Which means less brain activity interpreting.

​ It’s like watching the discovery channel with no narrator.

​ You can just zone out and really be present.

​ I mean something that elicits wonder, awe, and appreciation is always something I like keeping in my back pocket.

​ Turn all the lights off. And give this a go. If you do end up watching it, keep me posted!

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