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Yoga For Athletes w/ Christina McGrath

Christina McGrath, from Swell Fit Living, joins me today to talk about sport specific yoga. She has helped athletes with surfing, snowboarding, rock climbing, rowing, and pretty much anything you can think of outdoors. She’s currently teaching in New Zealand, where she takes the most applicable pieces from a yoga practice and uses that to help athletes connect with their bodies on a whole different level. There’s so much variability in outdoor sports. That being said, I had to get her thoughts on how exercisers and lifters could make the most use out of this beautiful practice.

Show Notes:

  • (4:00) - Colorado to New Zealand

  • (5:20) - Yoga for sports & longevity

  • (8:45) - Vinyasa flow

  • (10:30) - Yoga for athletes vs Yoga for the average Joe

  • (14:35) - Using your breath to get deeper into your flexibility

  • (19:12) - Poses for shoulder flexibility

  • (30:04) - How long should you spend in each pose

  • (34:20) - Locking out the knees vs bend in the knees for forward folds

  • (40:40) - When should someone back off stretching

  • (42:10) - Forward folds vs hip hinging

Resources we may have talked about:

How you can connect with Christina:

  • Swellfitliving.com

  • Instagram: @swellfitliving

  • Facebook

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