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How Blake Doubled His Online Coaching Business


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Biggest wins from an 8 week wellness program


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 I feel like I have unlocked a new and greater version of myself. My strength has improved. My skills have improved. My diet has improved.

But most importantly, my relationship with myself has improved, and it has reverberated into all aspects of my life.

Emmett H.

Aaron wanted to break into the $1m+ market. He didn't believe that he would become THE go-to agent in his dream area. So we crafted his campaign to attract exactly those people.

Marketing Strategy: Handwritten notes, Suit Drives, Sphere of Influence

Volume: 114 Leads in first 30 days

Aaron M.

Aaron Testimonial Ad.png
Madi Ad IG.jpg

We were able to optimize Madi's campaign
to get her lead cost down to  $2 per lead.


We're very pleased with results like this in a competitive market like Miami.

Madi G.

“I feel like I have unlocked a new and greater version of myself.
My strength has improved. My skills have improved. My diet has improved.“
“But most importantly, my relationship with myself has improved, and it has reverberated into all aspects of my life.“

“I owe a substantial bulk of this change to Misbah  for enabling me to see what I could not, empowering me to believe in who I am, and propelling me closer towards the best version of myself."

Peter T.

"I have been in the programme just over a year now and (despite my initial skeptism), within a few months I genuinely began to enjoy training and saw results in a way that I was not expecting.""I was forced to stop training given a lower back injury that became quite painful. I was at a loss as to how to recover and restart training safely.""Enter….Misbah Haque. I was told Misbah had dealt with his own share of back injury recovery and I felt I was in good hands given his depth of knowledge I noted from the podcast.""Misbah’s programming helped me to continue training despite the injury, and allowed a safe, stable way to heal my back and bring my body to a stronger state than before.""In recognizing how beneficial the programming is for the entire physique, and the amount you can learn and grow from the one on one training makes the financial factor well worth it.""Misbah as a coach is extremely positive, patient, supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic. As I love to learn, I am grateful that he is always keen to answer the “why’s”, “why nots” & “how comes”…many of us ponder on throughout the programming in order to grow as athletes.""The training also has so much variety which keeps it interesting. I also appreciate the way Misbah turns up and down the programming so you are challenged to achieve growth, while allowing recovery to avoid plateauing."

Raiza C.

“While I have never before written a review, much less a testimonial, I feel compelled to the sing the praise of my personal coach, Misbah Haque.""By way of background, I am 49-year-old attorney with three kids, ages 3, 15, and 18. I work roughly 80 hours during the week, rarely have a weekend free of deadlines and conference calls, and, on a good day, commute a total of 3 hours to and from my office.""From ages 30 to 35, I’m improved my diet, increased the cardio, and became a little “smarter” in my training until I discovered CrossFit in 2008. A friend and head of the physical training for state troopers turned me on to the Mainsite and I was hooked after the very first workout.""For the next decade, I approached every workout with the same mindset – going as hard, heavy, and fast as I could. The first five of those years were spent in various affiliates with good intentions but minimal guidance and a competitive atmosphere that, for me, made weight and time the top priority.""The second five were spent in my garage, where, despite all the equipment one could ever want, I programmed to my strengths, ignored my weaknesses, and routinely crashed-and-burned. Each workout became a chore with no real purpose or goal and left me feeling physically and emotionally depleted. Even worse, my 18-year-old began to blindly follow in my footsteps.""EVERYTHING changed a little over a year ago. Admittedly, it took a few weeks to overcome the shame and embarrassment of talking and highlight my many weaknesses and limitations despite years of “crossfitting” and, even worse, having to expose those weaknesses and limitations on film as part of the assessment.

But that decision has proven to be truly life-changing in every meaningful respect.Since the very outset, Misbah has taken a sincere and committed interest in my development.""Through daily messages and monthly videoconferences, we address my concerns, monitor my progress, and prepare for what is to come. I recognize that I’m not his only client, but it certainly feels that way.” I was initially skeptical of whether we were doing “enough.” But every workout provides its own challenges, pushing your body to new boundaries and leaving you with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and purpose.Because the goal is the “long game” and each work out is designed to achieve peak performance without burning you out, consistency is easy to achieve. Since last May, I have trained 5 days per week and never missed a single workout for any reason.""Thanks to Misbah’s patience and guidance, I have changed my entire outlook on my health and fitness. I’ve continually refined my diet to achieve maximum performance, implemented a steady regimen of productive mobility exercises and recovery techniques, developed better sleeping habits, become more aware of the importance of hydration, and appreciate that less is often more.""As I approach 50, I’m easily in the best shape of my life, not just in terms of strength and metabolic capacity, but far more important measures, such as stability, flexibility, balance, heart rate, and body fat.""Even more profound is the dramatic impact that coaching has had outside of the garage.""By fully committing the first hours of my day (5:30 – 7:30 a.m.) to the program, I am better able to focus on the other aspects of my life, such as my family and my job – and better equipped to manage and overcome the daily impediments – stress, angst, and anxiety – that used to hold me back.”


Kevin M.

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