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Hi, I'm Misbah.

I can help you look good, move well, and live your best life. That's what customized Remote Coaching is for. Get a weekly program, monthly consultation, and the support of a creative madman. If you trust me with your fitness, I will find the most efficient, effective, and progressive ways to help you reach your goals.


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Miz Unfiltered

Miz Unfiltered is a place to get your ear candy. We talk about lifestyle, psychology, creativity, comedy, fitness, nutrition, business, and so much more. Uncut and Unfiltered, let’s explore. 

Your host is Misbah Haque - Stand Up Comedian, Coach at Revival Strength, and a serial podcaster.

The Unfiltered Human

The Unfiltered Human, A Podcast: A show about everything and nothing. Humans are unique, yet similar. Relationships are complex, yet simple. We break it down.

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Look Good Move Well

Welcome to the Look Good Move Well podcast, where you can get fresh ideas for your training, nutrition, and lifestyle to immediately put to use. If you want to be a sexy 80 year old AND throw your grandkids around like basketballs, listen in with Marcus Filly, the creator of Functional Bodybuilding, and Misbah Haque, Revival Strength coach and podcaster with Airborne Mind. We’ll be talking about avoiding burnout, keeping your passion alive for training, and fueling your body and mind so you can look good, move well now and for years to come.

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