I’m Misbah Haque, a consultant for creators and entrepreneurs. I’m here to help you pair marketing principles with human psychology to scale your story, have better conversations, and keep your leads for life.


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Look Good Move Well

Welcome to the Look Good Move Well podcast, where you can get fresh ideas for your training, nutrition, and lifestyle to immediately put to use. If you want to be a sexy 80 year old AND throw your grandkids around like basketballs, listen in with Marcus Filly, the creator of Functional Bodybuilding, and Misbah Haque, Revival Strength coach and podcaster with Airborne Mind. We’ll be talking about avoiding burnout, keeping your passion alive for training, and fueling your body and mind so you can look good, move well now and for years to come.

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100ish episodes of learning, exploring, and documenting. You might find a few episodes you like.



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